Senja, Probably a Better Destination than Lofoten

I had not heard of Senja until I began researching on Norway’s best tourist destinations prior to my trip to Lofoten. It is the second largest island of Norway, located roughly between Tromso and Lofoten. Since I wanted to visit Tromso and Lofoten, why not take a side trip to Senja? That’s how we ended up spending a day in Senja. Which we later regretted very much. We should have spent two or even three days there! Because Senja is really beautiful, so beautiful that we now, after the entire trip, believe it is probably a better destination than Lofoten.

_MG_9913 (2)

_MG_9912 (2)


For one thing, Senja is huge, with many more fjords and in locations further north than Lofoten, offering better chance to see northern light. For another, it seems cheaper to stay there. The resort unit we rented for less than $100 a night was luxurious with full kitchen and a million dollar view towards a fjord. Senja also looks wilder than Lofoten, with much less population. However, because we had already booked our accommodations in Lofoten, we had only one day to stay in Senja.

_MG_9936 (2)-Edit


_MG_9963 (2)-Edit

The place we stayed in Senja is called Hamn i Senja. It is located in the mouth of a big fjord, facing north, which is an ideal location for observation of northern light. Unfortunately, the night we were there, the sky became cloudy after sunset.




There are many worthwhile destinations on Senja. On our way to Hamn i Senja, we took a detour to Bergsfjord. The roadside lookout offers a stunning view of the fjord.

_MG_0107 Panorama


On our way out, we also had numerous roadside scenic stops.




If we ever revisit Nordic Norway, we will definitely make Senja a multi-day destination.

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