Kabelvaeg, Mid-Lofoten

This post is long long overdue. I’ve been distracted by too many other matters.

Back to Norway. After a short stay in Senja, we drove southwards all the way to Kabelvaeg, a big town in Lofoten, where we booked a one-bedroom apartment for four nights. Weather was not good. Overcast all the time, snow sometime, rain sometime. I had had a plan to hike up a few mountain slopes for better photo angles, but now gave up. Below is a photo of how our environment looked alike at sunset time.


With Kabelvaeg as base, we drove around the middle area of the Lofoten Archipelago, including these interesting places: Henningsvaer (a fishing village), Borg (where there is a museum featuring a viking long house), and Utakleiv Beach (a beach with huge “pebbles”).












AA3P0954 Panorama


5 thoughts on “Kabelvaeg, Mid-Lofoten

  1. Gorgeous photos, I sailed into Kabelwag on a Viking ship last summer. Loved the place! I only recently got into photography seriously though. Bought a camera and a few lenses with my money working over there, well worth it, what camera are you using do you mind me asking?

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