Reine, the Most-visited Lofoten Village

Probably no one would leave Lofoten without a visit to Reine, a small yet very photogenic fishing village near the southern tip of the archipelago. After a few days’ stay at Kabelvaeg, we went south to Reine and checked in one of those colorful rorbus, which are basically cabins built on above-water platforms or at shores in the style of traditional Lofoten fishermen housing. April seems a low season for tourism, and we didn’t see many tourists or related activities in or outside the fishing village. The air was fishy, as there were many many cod drying racks around (we had already seen near Kabelvaeg).

The weather remained gloomy, which heavily covered our hope of seeing aurora. A heavy snow storm rolled in the day after we moved to Reine. April snow, wow! All the peaks around turned white and looked much more photogenic than without snow, but just for less than a day. The snow also wiped out our hope of hiking up to Reinebringen, a steep peak overlooking Reine, because we were told the path was too icy for hiking.

Nevertheless, we drove around, in and out of snow, looking for places to take pictures of. Whatever we experienced would be valuable for our next trip there. Yes, right now, in November, some of my friends have been talking about having me lead a group to Lofoten in coming February. Yes, I will be back, Lofoten!

_MG_0998 Panorama

















8 thoughts on “Reine, the Most-visited Lofoten Village

  1. I was fallen in love with one of your photos. can I buy it in a high quality to put it on my wall. 🙂 img 1297 – it’s perfect!!

    • Thank you for your interest in my photo. I am delighted that you want to put it on your wall. Please pay whatever amount you think it is worth from your point of view, and I will send you the photo in its original size (about 5600×3740).

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