Information about myself? Simply, just a 60-year-old guy, now living in Canada without a formal profession, loving to hike, take photos and do other fun things addition to free-lancing this or that sometimes. Shamefully, nothing else to say.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Danny,我非常欣赏你的作品,我也是一个摄影爱好者,希望与你沟通学习。我的博客是kumi366.blog.163.com

    • Jim,非常谢谢你的肯定。你的摄影也非常好。不知你住在哪儿?我是在温哥华。很乐意与你交流。有机会一起出去拍更好。我没固定的博客,照片是随便贴的。邮箱dannxu@gmail.com

  2. Danny,非常高兴收到你的回复,我现居住在美国波士顿,来自云南,欢迎你来这边拍照。我周围也有一般摄影发烧友,每年都会出去一两次拍照,今年五月去德国。真诚希望有机会和你出去摄影,向你请教。谢谢!


  3. Hi Danny, I would like to use one of your photos, with your permission, as a header on my website. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks and have a great day. Really nice shots, by the way. You are an artist.

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